7 stages of risk management

There’s generally accepted 7 stages of risk management that so wonderfully coincide with 7 stages of grief.

Stage 1:
Grief: Shock or disbelief
Risk Management: Establish the context
Colloquial: WTF?!

Stage 2:
Grief: Denial
Risk Management: Identify risks
Colloquial: No f’ing way!

Stage 3:
Grief: Anger
Risk Management: Communicate (and consult)
Colloquial: You f’d up!

Stage 4:
Grief: Bargaining
Risk Management: Analyse risks
Colloquial: How badly f’d up is it? Maybe we can fix it.

Stage 5:
Grief: Guilt
Risk Management: Evaluate risks
Colloquial: I f’d up.

Stage 6:
Grief: Depression
Risk Management: Risk Treatment
Colloquial: We’re all f’d.

Stage 7:
Grief: Acceptance and Hope
Risk Management: Monitor and review
Colloquial: Bury the f’ing body!

T-t-t-t-t-that’s all, folks.