Cyber Europe 2010. Learnings the same to Cyber Storm II and Cyber Storm III

Fresh from the press comes ENISA’s final report & video clip on ‘Cyber Europe 2010’: the 1st pan- European cyber security exercise.

The report underlines a need for:
•    more cyber security exercises in the future,
•     increased collaboration between the Member States,
•     the importance of the private sector in ensuring security.

Largely the same findings as were found in Cyber Storm II (2008) and Cyber Storm III (2010). There is always a lot of talk about increased sharing of information, but the reality remains that in the current environment you cannot share information without having to sign a different non-disclosure agreement for different task forces and different special interest groups and different trusted information sharing committees and groups. Best part of it is that, at least in Australia, you will see the same faces attending the same closed group meetings. But for each of those meetings you have to sign a different trust and confidentiality agreement.

"There’s no good way to share information in real time," Ed Amoroso, chief security officer for AT&T, told the House Homeland Security subcommittee on cybersecurity, infrastructure protection and security technologies.

“At AT&T for me to try to do something like that with government involves as many lawyers as there are in this room, for us to just share something,” Amoroso said. “I could probably share information back and forth with a hacking group with complete impunity, but with the government I have to have a team of lawyers present.”

The attackers are sharing information with wild abandon whilst the defenders are fussing over legalese and confidentiality agreements. We are acting as if the information we are going to share behind the closed doors isn’t already out there for anyone that cares to look for it. Less obstacles on information sharing would go a long way towards improved response. Betting the house on prevention has shown time and again to leave you penniless and homeless.