Google StreetView Wi-Fi Brouhaha

Too much time is spent on this non-issue by those that either don’t understand the issue or have an axe to grind or want to score cheap political points. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t jump on that bandwagon.What I would like to do, though, is point out Robert Graham’s fantastic technical overview at Errata Security of just what it is that Google’s StreetView car does and why WiFi payload recording is really a non-issue:

What I’ve focused on here is question of Google’s collection of “data” payloads, not the other privacy issues. Some people have accused Google of lying, and for having some nefarious purpose for gathering these packets. However, anybody who has experience in WiFi mapping would believe Google. Data packets help Google find more access-points and triangulate them, yet the payload of the packets do nothing useful for Google because they are only fragments.
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