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I don’t have any trouble with either post, because they argue different things. Mark’s concerned about the cyberwar threat being hyped to the point of perverting the Defense budget at a time of great choices, while Sterling is defending the notion that all these threats in general, plus China’s global thievery, are real issues worth worrying about.

My triangulation is this: China’s thievery is vast and should be dealt with globally. Historically, the US puts up with such thievery (think Japan decades ago, then South Korea) if you’re a friend who’s trying to catch up. Yes, eventually we get mightily pissed and do plenty to convince you to knock it off, but you get the drift: catching-up thievery okay for friends. China is doing the same thing the US did in the 19th century, using the best means available. China is sort of friend, sort of enemy, but we’ve put up with the thieving without much complaint until recently.