Information, noise, and perception management

In the more rigorous (you may as well say academic) approach to information operations (warfare) information distribution is part of the attack surface.

Ways to affect (subvert, sabotage, modify, …) information distribution to your ends is by:

  • introducing a lot of noise to alter the context of the information or drown out the signal;
  • change perception of the receiver by introducing extra and conflicting signals;
  • remove information from the channel (easier in some channels - i.e. non-human);
  • change the context in which the information is received;

Oddly enough what we are seeing lately, and have been for the last few years, is introduction of noise by the volume of news articles and ‘expert opinions’ all largely repeating the same message that is easy to repeat and easy to understand in the current environment.

A careful reader would notice that the general perception of what constitutes espionage, hacking, and computer crime has largely shifted from criminal from mid-2000’s to military (talk of espionage as warfare) in the last 4 years, since Operation Aurora, Titan Rain et al. came to light with great pomp and cyber-sabre rattling. Have you been a target of information operations that skewed your perception ever so slightly and ever so carefully over the past few years?