Money well spent

As it happens I was asked to weigh in on a pressing matter. They’re all pressing, always pressing and urgent and require immediate response by the time they come to me. Risk management is involved in major decisions, see. Mostly it’s a CYA policy, but we’ll get to that some other time.Pressing matter: is Technology A that “solves” Imaginary Problem 1 money better spent than Technology B that also solves that problem and has a bonus of being virtualised?

When queried about budgets I was told there’s plenty for the boxes, support contract and licenses. Of course. After pressing further about training for the staff that will need to design, implement, maintain and operate those technologies it all went downhill.Spend money on your people, train them up to use bright shiny boxes that you’re willing to spend untold bazillions on. A poorly configured box is a doorstop.