Oh Cyberwar, wherefore art thou, Cyberwar?

A must read article by Sam Liles on The collision of small wars and cyber wars is not a wikileaked Internet:A couple of quotes to whet your appetite:

Authors of small wars doctrine discuss how insurgents use the materials of the aggressor nation state against the nation state. It is nearly ignored that the nation state or large corporations inherently own much of the infrastructure used by online insurgencies. The model with deepening examination between the two conceptual bastions grows closer. Yet we still must clearly place Wikileaks and Anonymous fully out of the cyber warfare box. Their attacks tease at rising to the occasion but simply do not pass from protestations into war while looking at linking disruption to destruction.

It is not supported through the research or evaluation that the events of Wikileaks and Anonymous rise to the level of cyber warfare. Hyperbole though fully invested within the press does not provide the evidence of the act. Annoying, destructive, and likely criminal would all describe the attacks perpetrated by the Anonymous group. It is not in the best interest of the United States population to lower the bar of war to the point these acts could be described as war.

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