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Outside of Chinese state media, it’s hard to find much mainstream concern about the threat of U.S. hack attacks. An early 2010 survey (pdf) of cybersecurity experts and information executives found the United States to be the biggest perceived threat. When 600 experts were asked which country causes “most concern” as a source of attacks on their country or business sector, the United States won out, with 36 percent. China followed closely at 33 percent, and Russia was the third bogeyman, with 12 percent. But today, Russia and China are the major culprits, the domain of “hacker armies” that, at any given moment, are ransacking thousands of foreign computer systems, capable of perpetrating “our next Pearl Harbor” (if they haven’t already). A similar (but not perfectly comparable) survey (pdf) conducted in 2011 showed a shift. China led by far at 30 percent, compared to Russia at 16 and the United States at 12 percent.