Please ... don't use flash

Please, for all that is sacred to you … just don’t do it.

The world doesn’t need another “night scene” with foreground that is as brightly lit as if it was taken amidst stadium floodlight and with background that is indistinguishable from matte black canvas. Your description of “me infront of this really cool and wonderful scene that you could see if I didn’t use the flash and handheld for a second” does not help. Honestly.

If you want to take night scene shots you need two things:

  1. Understanding of your camera;
  2. Your camera set to high ISO;
  3. Steady hand (or preferably a sturdy support) for your camera.
OK, so that’s three things. So shoot me. With your camera. At night. Infront of a cool scene. That can only be properly taken if you don’t use your flash.