Premeditated self defence

A week ago I tweeted a link to an article that posed a question I’ve been mulling over for a while: Is Killing Iranian Nuclear Scientists Terrorism?

One of the responses was that this is purely in self defence. The reasoning is: Iranian president Ahmadinejad has stated that his goal is to wipe Israel off the map. Ergo we must stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons or Tel Aviv will be wiped off the planet. And we must act now and

The fact that this has been thoroughly debunked years ago was either irelevant or not known.

But what really struck me was the self defense line of thought. To whit: Iran is supposedly enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. When Iran has those nuclear weapons Iran will strike at Israel, ergo it is of utmost importance that Iran is stopped at a cost of a few lives from developing such weapons. This isn’t Minority Report, this is sheer stupidity along the lines of:

  1. You and I had a fight. In the heat of the moment you said you’re going to hurt me.
  2. Weeks later I am told by a mutual acquaintance that you went out and bought an axe. Axes can be used to kill people, as well as split firewood.
  3. I go over to your house and shoot you, in self defence, because you threatened me once upon a time.

Absurd? Indeed.