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Think about the differences of approach between the artist and the hacker in dealing with commercial realities. The hacker’s approach is not to meekly give in to corporate culture – but instead seek to disrupt and re-shape it. They contribute to open-source, free software because they know it only enhances their abilities to achieve this disruptive aim. As a result, they have become a genuine force against the corporate reality which is engulfing everything. The artistic class, however, continue to do little more than repeat their tired, romantic, anti-corporate mythologies from the pulpit of the corporate teat. The corporations are happy enough to dispense them a relatively modest existence for this service. They do this even though those artists continually propagandize against them, because they know there is a market for the message that the soul is irreducible – such as the artists produce – and know also that it distracts these ‘free’ thinkers from engaging in genuine resistance against the societal structures